Monday, November 30, 2009

Window Shopping

This past Friday is traditionally called "Black Friday" here in the States because it is the day when most people begin their Christmas shopping in earnest, the stores are flooded, sales are at an all-year high and the receipts at many stores pull that franchise "into the black" and a profitable corporate windfall. (Hence the nickname.)

Well, today is what online retailers are calling Cyber Monday, with hopes of doing the same thing for their virtual corporations.

Good luck to you all, and happy hunting.


One afternoon I was walking through the mall with my two young children, doing a little shopping, when a display in the window of a lingerie store caught my eye.

As I pointed to a lacy nightgown with a matching robe, I playfully asked the kids, "Do you suppose Daddy would like this?"

My six year old son looked horrified and said, "No way! Daddy would NEVER wear that!!"

[Joe's Clean Laffs]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: List member George J. asked me about the word "codger." I checked with all half dozen sources I use and threw in a couple more I scraped up and they all seem to agree that it's probably a slight alteration of the word "cadger," which meant beggar. Webster's definition of codger is currently, "an often mildly eccentric and usually elderly fellow." Which probably described many beggars, at least about the time the word was coined.


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