Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Clock Convention

Arrrrrgh. Late again. I've GOT to try and get more than a day at a time written.

Sorry, everybody. But to find something quickly, I went scouring through my Inbox, which still has messages - all read, I assure you, just not filed - from up to two years ago.

It was there that I found this. Stephen Fry made his name playing a valet in the British televison show, "Jeeves and Wooster."

I am so enamored of it I may have to buy one for my wife.


It was a busy morning at the Third Annual International Clock Convention. Lunchtime, as always, was designated "free time" and, for the most part, all the attendees - clocks and watches, one and all - would break off into groups of two or three for the break.

The Grandfather Clock and The Old Dutch Clock hit it off well.

The Mantel Clock and The Anniversary Clock found themselves similarly well-suited for one another.

This went on until not a single clock was left in the convention hall except The Little Alarm Clock ... who went off by himself.

[Syman Says]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: How did the person who invented the clock know what time to set?


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