Monday, November 02, 2009

Clean Shaven

All right. Sorry, everyone, the "Movember" site was a little cranky after I suggested it Friday for your "Web Site of the Week." It seems to be working now and my son's page is here. [NOTE: right-click the link, select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location" and paste the address into a new window. Their website apparently doesn't want you to find individuals easily.] Please bookmark it for the next month, vote with your donations (even $1 or $2 would be awesome), and check back periodically to see the progress of his facial hair. He looks so young when he's clean-shaven!

And, again, let me know if any of you are there, as well, and I'll pipe it out there to the list.


During a pledge drive on public television, a woman called in and said she would donate $100 if the emcee would shave off his beard.

The next day the emcee was, indeed, clean-shaven.

The day after that the check arrived.

It was from his mother.

[Ladyhawke's Jokes]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: List member Daffy H. wants to know the origin and meaning of the word "cenotaph." A cenotaph is a memorial marker of various sorts erected as a monument to a person whose remains are buried elsewhere. It is originally from two Ancient Greek words: kenos, meaning "empty" and taphos, meaning "tomb." The word migrated from Greek (kenotaphion) to Latin (cenotaphium) to French (cénotaphe) to the word we use today.


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