Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Lesson

I should probably save this site for "Black Friday" in a couple of days, but....well, I'm desperate for a quick and easy link to share and they just sent me an e-mail about this site.

Last October (2008, that is), I selected as my "Web Site of the Week." Woot is a warehouse that offers fantastic deals on electronics and other odds and ends, but for one day only. I have purchased several items and can recommend them without reservation.

Well, they've just begun another sister site - Deals.Woot - and the difference here is basically two-fold: 1) less snarky prose, same great deals, and 2) it's more of a "community" of deals. By that, it means that you and I post the great deals we find. (Scroll down to find the deals most recently posted.)

And boy, are there some great deals. Go. Shop. Buy. Make someone happy. Help the economy.


This past week in our children's Sunday School class, Miss Michelle decided to playfully correct a few wrong ideas about Thanksgiving.

"Now let me see," she began, "Thanksgiving. That's the day when we think about all the stuff we have?"

"Yes!" shouted the kids.

"And then we think about how we want more things than anyone else has and how we don't care about anyone except ourselves--"

"Noooooo!" the children screamed in unison.

Then one little boy piped up, "That's not Thanksgiving, Miss Michelle ... that's Christmas!"

[Rubel Shelly via Church Laughs Newsletter]


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