Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Election Day here in the States. Whatever is on your local ballot, get out there and vote about it.

And remember to send me those little tenets of common sense, wisdom, and pithy philosophies y'all live by. They're what I call "Life's Little Rules" and I'm putting out a list of them - your list - on Friday.


Recently a Congressman from a conservative state was asked about his position on whiskey.

He replied, "If you mean the demon drink that poisons the mind, pollutes the body, desecrates family life, and inflames sinners to sin more greatly, well, I'm against it."

He then continued, "But if you mean the elixir of Christmas cheer, the shield against a winter chill, that taxable potion that puts needed funds into public coffers that are then used to comfort crippled children, then I'm for it."

"This is my position, and I will not compromise."

[Arcamax Jokes via Doc's Daily Chuckle]


WORDS for YOUR WEEK: "There are many men of principle in both parties in America, but there is no party of principle." (Alexis de Tocqueville)


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