Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Common Sense Laws

Sorry today's post is late, troops. I went to bed early last night instead of writing to work in some extra sleep so my body could try and get rid of the dregs of my bronchitis. Sadly, no such luck.

Anyway, I was thinking about common law marriage recently, though I don't remember why. After you've lived with the same person for seven straight years - and you're both adults, of course - the law considers you a married couple.

Which is really just common *sense* law marriage. And that set me to thinking about....



If you bring a baby into a theater, every other person there has the right to slap you.

If you borrow my clothes, but they look better on you, you get to keep them.

If you speed around me only to slow down and turn at the very next corner, your license is revoked and your name goes in the paper under "Today's Idiots."

If you use a cell phone while conducting a public transaction (bank, post office, grocery check-out aisle), the clerk has the right to short-change you and you give up any right to complain about customer service.

If you dump your vehicle's ash tray in a parking lot, everyone else who parks there can dump theirs in your car.

If you stay thin no matter what you eat, you will be required to wear a fat suit while dining in public if ordering anything other than a salad.

If you produce one more reality television show that involves any kind of voting, you must be publicly flogged ... during prime time.

[written by Mark Raymond and Tim Dutil; add to this list!]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: Why is simple common sense so darn uncommon?


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