Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Car Accessories

Now this is a pretty cool idea.

Plastic, hollow eyeglasses with detachable earpiece caps so you can fill them with ink to match the color of the outfit you're wearing that day. The ink is water based so it won't stain and you can just run warm water through the glasses to clean out all the old ink.

The design, by Luis Porem, won an Opus Award, which is like an Oscar for the design industry, apparently. I can't see where they're sold commercially yet, but when one of y'all find out, let me know.



If you plan on getting a speeding ticket, wear a pullover.

For a major collision, try something smashing.

If a military vehicle is going to be involved, better wear a tank top.

Planning on defrauding an insurance company? Choose fleece.

Just wanting a quick, out-of-court settlement? Select cashmere.

Car ended up in a lake ... wear fishnet stockings and/or a turtleneck.

Fire was involved? Wear hose.

If your vehicle will be broken up, choose a three piece suit.

If you think debris will be scattered everywhere, pick overalls.

If you're going to have a flat tire, wear a jacket.

[written by Frank Plott; Syman Says via Kim Quiggle's Cup O'Cheer]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: I you wore two pair of 3-D glasses could you see in 6-D?


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