Monday, July 30, 2007

Black Light Hands

Just watched this, thanks to "Pastor Tim" of the Cybersalt Community. It's to the tune of the Casting Crowns song, "Who Am I?" and though the word is overused, it is, well, awesome.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Cool Optical Illusion

Sent by my friend Brian. The "blinking" part really brings out the detail of this relatively blurry graphic.

Friday, July 20, 2007

You Know You're Getting Old...

...when the year you were born no longer appears on the drop down list of birth years at websites.

...when the baseball card you clothespinned to your bicycle spokes now sells for more than a grand.

...when you realize that you can either stay up late or get up early, but you can't do both anymore.

...when even your eyebrows start to go gray.

...when you begin to enjoy going to the bathroom.

...when the radio presets in your vehicle are all oldies, classical, NPR, or other talk radio stations.

...when you go see your doctor to follow up on one thing and talk about the two or three other things that are now wrong with your body.

Just a few observations.

How do YOU know you're getting old?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Taste of the Celtic

Every year the little town of Saline, Michigan hosts a Celtic Festival. Their sister city is Brecon, in Wales, and the festival began in honor of that relationship. You can read more about it here.

We went down with four good friends last Saturday and, mostly, enjoyed the day. The picture above was right near the entrance and let us know immediately that we were at a Celtic Festival. One assumes that this event happens, presumably, *before* you've eaten the Haggis.

I say we "mostly" enjoyed the day because Steve made a mad dash for the shuttle bus just after we'd parked the van and ripped a hamstring muscle. He insisted we stay and enjoy ourselves, so we did, but the poor guy limped around the grounds all day and just had to be in nine kinds of pain.

The weather called for scattered showers and so my wife didn't bring her good camera, leaving just my cell phone to snap some photos, which I did. They are now up on my website. There's only five of them, including the one above, but there ya go.

Best line of the day? From the band "Tartan Terrors" when they said, "What's the difference between England and yogurt? Yogurt has an active culture."

Friday, July 13, 2007

Just Checking In

Trying to keep my promise of posting at least once a week. Enjoy the photo, sent to me by my buddy, Tim.

I'm still in the minivan stage, longing for the mini-SUV stage.

Well, maybe not with these gas prices, but I'm just about due for a little mid-life automobile change.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Vacation, Thy Name is Offline

Okay, so I didn't post "later today." I *would* have updated the blog while I was out on vacation, except my furshlugginer laptop decided to kill my wireless Internet connection and so I was completely offline for the past two-and-a-half days.

Traumatic, indeed.

At any rate, above is my favorite picture from our trip to Ludington, which sits about an hour north of Muskegon, which is about 30 minutes north of Grand Rapids, which is about 2 hours west of our home, to give you some idea of perspective. Our hotel was only a block away from the Lake Michigan shoreline, which was very nice.

We had walked out to the North Point Pier Lighthouse, and the photo was snapped by my photog wife on the walk back. It's our son, Matthew, and his fiancee, Jenn. They had decided to jump over the cracks in the cement and Bonnie captured them mid-jump ... looks like they're levitating, doesn't it? For as much as they love each other, they might as well be walking on air.

I'm back at home and back to work, now, but hey, anytime you're away from the job and the city with some people you love, it's all good.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Anybody Got A Feather Duster?

Wow. Look at all the dust in here. Layers of it on this blog.

Blog. What's a blog? Well, kids, it's the "shorthand" name for a Web Log. You know, a log, as in "Captain's Log, Stardate....." It's meant to be a diary of sorts, for all the WWW to see. You know, a diary, as in a recording of events in your life.

I confess I've been an awfully poor reporter of late.

But that's going to change. Truly. If I don't start posting here at least once a week, I'm going to bring this thing to an end. Put it out of my misery. Write it off. Call in the dogs. Put out the fire. Turn out the lights.

Well, you get the idea.

I'll be back later today with the first of my vacation posts.