Monday, November 01, 2010

Political Faith

Welcome to November. I'm *so* looking forward to Wednesday, when all of the campaigning comes to a screeching halt. You, too?

Reprising the link I featured at the end of July ... Vote 411 ... for those of you who may still want that last minute bit of information before you cast your ballot tomorrow. And if you live in the States, *do* cast a ballot tomorrow.


Witness this politician, who knew exactly how to figure out the right thing to say.

A candidate for an important Senate seat traveled to a small town community on his stump for reelection in order to address a local church. He realized as he got up to speak, however, that he had forgotten to find out what denomination the church belonged to and there were no overt markings he could see from the pulpit that gave it away.

So he began his remarks by saying, "My brothers and sisters, I must begin by telling you that my Great-Grandfather was a Presbyterian (absolute silence) ... but his wife was an Episcopalian (more silence) ... I must also tell you that his son - my father - attended a Catholic Church (deep silence) ... while my mother preferred to spend her Sundays in the Methodist pew (the silence continued) ... but my father's sister - dear Aunt Peggy - was a Baptist (loud cheers and applause)."

The politician smiled and announced in a loud voice, "And she has always been my FAVORITE aunt and I believe her to be the smartest and most beautiful person in our family!"

[Pastor Tim's CleanLaugh]


WELCOME to YOUR WEEK: November is National Diabetes Month, and it's National Novel Writing Month, among many others. This is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. Here's an article from last year on ways to show your appreciation. Today is All Saints Day. Tomorrow is, as you know by now, National Election Day. In an ironic twist, tomorrow is also Plan Your Epitaph Day. Wednesday is Cliché Day. Thursday is Common Sense Day, and Saturday is Sadie Hawkins Day.


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