Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hollywood Holidays

Science is about to make another monumental leap forward for Hollywood. (Well, and all of us, really.)

First came Betamax. Then came the Video Home System (VHS). Then the Digital Video Disc (DVD). Now we have Blu-Ray, which can store five times more data on the disc than a DVD. By the way, it's called Blu-Ray because the laser used to write the data emits a blue beam instead of a red or infrared beam.

So what's next? Titanium Oxide. Scientists in Japan have figured out a way to allow this material to store and retrieve data, simply by configuring how it reacts to light. The good news is not only can it store thousands of times as much data as your average DVD, but because the compound is so readily and easily made, it should be *much* cheaper than Blu-Ray.

Don't have any idea what they'll call it, though. TOx? Tide? Oxanium?





Saint Agent's Day

Holy Mirror Day

Box Officing Day

Thanksgiving 2: Turkey's Revenge


Men in Black Friday

[Chris White's Top Five on Movies w/edits and additions by Mark Raymond]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: The Word Spy is reporting out a new word that applies to my situation here. With my wife still in Florida (she is extending her stay into December to help her Mom handle her Stepdad's health issues), we talk via Skype and on the phone quite a bit. Now, if it was just she or me doing the talking, that would be a monologue. ("Mono" refers to one.) If you could hear our entire conversation, that would be a dialogue. ("Di" refers to two.) The Word Spy says if you knew there was a dialogue going on but could only hear one person talking, that's a halfalogue. Cute. I like it!


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