Monday, November 08, 2010

Pit Crew

Documentary films tend to have a decidedly, umm, let's say National Public Radio/Television axe to grind - which means they tend to lean more toward the liberal end of the spectrum rather than the conservative ... nonetheless there have been some very good documentaries made recently; Oscar-winning films, even.

And you can watch many of them - for free - at Free Documentaries; including some quite popular ones. Everything from films about 9/11 to Who Killed the Electric Car?, which I've heard was quite well done.


The Ferrari Racing Team recently fired its pit crew to hire several unemployed youths from the Liverpool, England area, after team leaders viewed a documentary showing the vagrant young people removing a set of car wheels without proper tools in under four seconds. The prevailing theory is that most races are won or lost in the pit area so this was thought to be a good move.

What team officials hadn't counted on, however, was that not only were the lads swapping out the tires in under four seconds, but within another ten seconds they had repainted, renumbered, and sold the vehicle to the McLaren Racing Team.

[Pastor Tim's PearlyGates]


WELCOME to YOUR WEEK: It's National Adoption Month and National Peanut Butter Lovers Month. For some reason, this is also Dear Santa Letter Week (must take six weeks to travel up to the North Pole and back ... wink, wink), and it's World Kindness Week. Wednesday marks the anniversary of the Marine Corps, Thursday is Veteran's Day, and Friday is Domino Day.


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