Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Groaners

I am so far behind on a handful of projects that I may lap myself.

So only the joke today.



I saw an expensive outdoors jacket filled with fluffy duck feathers, but I couldn't afford the down payment.

If every economist in the world was laid end-to-end, they still would not reach a conclusion.

Why is there a general in charge of the post office, but a secretary in charge of defense?

An apple a day makes Bill Gates very nervous.

I once knew a pig who could write. He used a pigpen.

Why can't you take a picture of a man with a wooden leg in Oklahoma?
Because you need to use a camera.

[Jokes Central]


WELCOME to YOUR WEEK: As we slip into the downside of November, it's still Historic Bridge Awareness Month, and National Adoption Month. We have just begun both National Bible Week and National Family Week (appropriate, with Thanksgiving I suppose). It's also National Game and Puzzle Week. Wednesday is Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day (as long as your unique talent is safe and legal), Thursday has a little something to do with Giving Thanks, and Friday is "Black Friday," named because it is the day when many merchants finally show a profit for the year due to the heavy onset of Christmas shopping. Finally, Friday is also the National Day of Listening. And there's your link to uphold my motto.


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