Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Voting Excuses

I just got back from my polling place. I was Voter #312 to cast a ballot from my precinct.

I read recently that when the Iraqis were finally allowed to vote in a truly democratic election, they achieved a 73% voter turnout, despite threats of suicide bombers being rampant.

Meanwhile, in this country, where you can vote without fear of bodily harm, we can barely attain half that percentage. So what will it take to achieve a decent voter turnout? Candidates who truly inspire us rather than frustrate, annoy, and outrage us? Finding a way to register and vote without having to leave your house? Creating "designated voters" who can cast votes on behalf of multiple voters for a small fee? (Hey, that would create jobs and help the economy, too!)

Or maybe all we need is an element of danger. Put up barbed wire around the polls. Use metal detectors. Do random strip searches. You know, like the airports.

Post your thoughts here in the comments section so we can all marvel at your idea.



They stopped giving out juice and cookies afterward.

I only vote every ten years. Like the census.

Ever since the Mondale defeat, I've lost faith in the system.

I don't live in an important state.

Both candidates are just so trustworthy and deserving, I can't decide!

Last time I voted, a war started.

I talked to someone who completely disagrees with me, so my not voting will cancel out his not voting.

Oh, it's not like anyone *really* wins these things.

No, I don't vote ... it just encourages them to run again.

[selected from Chris White's Top Five on Politics]


WORDS for YOUR WEEK: "We'd all like to vote for the best man, but he's never a candidate." (Frank McKinney Hubbard)


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