Monday, March 29, 2010

Umbrella Thief

So my ergonomic keyboard bit the dust a couple of months ago and since I switched back to a regular keyboard, I've noticed my carpal tunnel is acting up even more. In fact, it's getting very bad and I suspect it might have come to the point where I'm going to need surgery soon.

But one thing I did yesterday was purchase a new ergonomic keyboard. That's it to the left, there. Wow, has it got the bells and whistles. It makes me feel like I now need to be a licensed PC operator before I sit down at my computer.

But enough about me, let's get to your daily link. A big thanks and a tip o'the Mark's Musings cap to list member Lavonne T., for today's tip.

Check this site right before you leave the house each morning. It's quick and helpful.


Once there was a frugal man who owned quite a number of umbrellas, but they all seemed to have one thing or another wrong with them. So one day he gathered them all up - eight in all - and reluctantly took them in to a shop for repair.

The next morning as he was getting off his subway car, he absentmindedly picked up the umbrella laying on the seat next to him, as he was used to taking his umbrella everywhere he traveled.

The woman who owned the umbrella, however, startled him to no end when she shouted, "Hey! Stop, thief! That's *my* umbrella!!" The man, red-faced with embarrassment, quickly returned the umbrella and mumbled his apologies.

That same day the repair shop called, and reported that his umbrellas had all been repaired. The man picked them up that afternoon, but when he boarded the subway car that evening, to his horror he found himself staring into the face of the woman from his morning mishap.

She glared at him for a moment, then said loudly and sarcastically, "Had a good day, didn't you?"

[Good, Clean Funnies List via Andychap's The_Funnies]


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SusanB said...

Great Googley Moogley that's a nice keyboard!! =) Did it come with a 1,000 page instruction booklet for you to ignore? **snicker**. ;P heeheeheee I sure hope that helps your wrists to stop bothering you so much. <=/

My hat is off to Lavonne T. as well, that's a VERY helpful website!! </ =D

Happy (rainy) Monday! :)

Imperfect Reason said...

I used to be an OR nurse specializing in ortho/neuro. I did the hand cases. When my own carpal tunnel got so bad, I mentioned it to a massage therapist. Three treatments later, I was cured. No scar, no recovery time, very little out of pocket expenses, nothing like if I had taken the surgical route. And less chance of recurrence. For under $100 (Far less than your out of pocket expenses even with GREAT insurance) you can stop the pain.

Mark said...

Susan: Actually, no! It was just a little four page pamphlet and a CD to install the software that operates the special buttons up on that top row. I can now open my web browser, open my e-mail, do some basic commands with that e-mail, and open five other programs all at the touch of a button instead of having to click a mouse. I love it!

Imperfect: Interesting. Very interesting! My wife gets a massage on a regular basis. In fact, she's going today. I'll have her look into this with her masseuse. Thanks for the tip! I'd rather spend a couple hundred than have to go through potentially invasive surgery. Any day!

SusanB said...

Imperfect: Now that's a wonderful chunk of information, thank you! (it's definitely more than a "bit".) Should I ever be in need, I know of a few places to go, around where I live, but I'll check them first to see who knows about carpal tunnel treatment. Thank you again. :)