Wednesday, March 03, 2010


It seems that Microsoft is on the verge of moving us one step closer to integrating computers with people.

I can't decide if this is really cool or slightly horrific. Watch the video and decide for yourself (you'll need Windows Media Player).


Talk about inventive. When a local church broke ground for a new 500-seat sanctuary, a creative church member made sure everyone could participate in the experience. The man attached a 145-foot handle to a stainless steel spade so that all 300 church members could squeeze shoulder-to-shoulder and turn the first shovelful of dirt.

A few days later, a curious construction worker spotted the odd invention and asked the pastor about it. The minister smiled and said, "We bury 'em deep here."

[Pulpit Supply via Wit and Wisdom]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: If you put a computer in a very cold room, would it get frost-byte?


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