Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crossword Clue

I'm probably biased, but my father is remarkable.

He is one of those people who can, quite literally, do just about anything he sets his mind to. He's artistic, he's a published poet, an ordained lay minister, and he's extremely good with his hands and tools, creating many handy gadgets and home aids from scratch with just wood, nails, glue, and a bit of ingenuity.

So he'll probably appreciate this.

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Sitting in a hospital waiting room, I watched a woman and her son. They were working a crossword puzzle together.

"Mom?" the boy asked, pointing to the puzzle. "What fits here?"

"It's man's best friend," Mom hinted, helpfully.

The boy thought a moment, then guessed, "Duct tape?"

["Life in These United States" from Reader's Digest Online]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: Why are they called monkey wrenches? Do monkeys use them, too?


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