Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So is your March 31 weather the opposite of what it was on March 1? You know, the whole "lion/lamb" weather proverb? Ours is actually even nicer than it was on March 1, and March 1 was pretty nice, indeed.

I have some friends who gave up their cable television and now watch a *whole lot* of YouTube. So this is for them, because they also have two children.

Classic cartoons online. Free.

And before you offer, yes. They know about Hulu.


It began as an innocent game with my toddler son, Robert.

I'd get down on my knees and get into a fighting stance, like a boxer, and start shadowboxing with him. Jabbing with alternating fists, I'd say "one-two, one-two" and he would imitate me. We'd do this over and over again.

I never thought about the consequences of this little game until my wife came home one day from a birthday party to which Robert had been invited. She was a little peeved.

Turns out that the birthday boy's mother had been handing out noisemakers when she leaned over to Robert and asked, "Would you like one, too?"

It took my wife the rest of the party to explain her way out of what happened next.

["Life in These United States" from Reader's Digest via Ed Peacher's Laughter for a Saturday]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: Why is there boxing at the Goodwill Games?


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