Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Surprises

My wife has been watching a lot of the Winter Olympic Games these past days. I'm learning new terms such as "Super-G," "Skeleton," and "Moguls." This on top of my ongoing puzzlement over the difference between a Salchow, a triple lutz, and a double axel.

Keep tabs on what's going on in Vancouver here.



Due to rainy, warm weather, the medal for downhill skiing was won by Michael Phelps.

The Curling event was won by a team of janitors from Swiffer.

Someone discovered the extra helium tanks that keep Scott Hamilton's voice in shape.

The Zamboni's have been sequined-proofed.

NBC is using holographic projections to make the events appear sold out.

There is no snow. It's all in my backyard.

[selected from Chris White's Top Five on Sports]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: "Super-G" is the Super Giant Slalom in downhill skiing; "Skeleton" is a luge run on your stomach instead of your back; "Moguls" is another downhill ski race, characterized by a pattern of small mounds, or bumps in the snow. For the figure skating stuff, you're on your own. Knowing the moves and spotting them on the ice is, I think, a talent beyond my ken.


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