Saturday, February 27, 2010

22 More Things About Me That Are Obscure, Trivial and Utterly Useless

Why 22? Dunno. It was just the number in my head. Probably a remnant from a Facebook fad. At any rate...

1. I have chronic sinusitis. Generally something has to have a really strong aroma for me to notice it. This is both good *and* bad news. I've had surgery, and I've tried a litany of different prescription drugs. It's just something I inherited from my father and have learned to live with.

2. I wear my watch on alternating wrists. Left wrist on even days, right wrist on odd days. My epidermis gets all rashy if I wear it on the same wrist for more than three days in a row.

3. I have an irrational fear that I will be dead by May 10, 2011. Long story.

4. I tend to fall asleep during sermons. Sometimes even the interesting ones.

5. I have Superman's ego and Clark Kent's body. If Clark Kent were bald and overweight.

6. I am a moral Republican and an economic Democrat. This makes it difficult to find a candidate to vote for.

7. I own and have read every book in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Good stuff.

8. I am not generally fond of fancy food. Give me a stew and a salad any day.

9. I love Tim Horton's coffee and will go out of my way to get some.

10. The only thing I really enjoy exercising is my pillow.

11. I have never owned a car built in the same year that I've purchased it.

12. There are three types of store I cannot leave without purchasing something. Computer stores, office supply stores, and bookstores.

13. My home office is a mess because I refuse to take the time to file the paperwork. I'm usually too busy working on the next thing: the next blog post, the next band concert, the next whatever.

14. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from William Jewell College in the field of Communication Arts.

15. My e-mail Inbox has more than 5,000 messages in it. I have read every single one sent from a real person.
Just haven't gotten around to filing them. (See #13)

16. I am an only child. My parents tried to have five other children. Another long story.

17. I despise shoveling snow and would move to a warmer climate in a heartbeat if my wife and friends would go with me.

18. I'm allergic to penicillin.

19. I am slowly reading my way through every Star Trek novel ever written.

20. I weep rather more easily than the average man and often find myself getting choked up when trying to relate a tender story.

21. I know more about baseball than the average fan, but I know just enough about the other sports to keep my Man Card.

22. My bowling average is 167.


Diane Linfor Stevens said...

I liked the statement that you are a moral Republican and an economic Democrat! It's a tough position since that sums me up, too! My friends think I am just a schizo when it comes to politics, now I can point to another!

Mark said...

It's a difficult place to live, isn't it, Diane? My Democratic coworkers think I'm terribly conservative and my Republican church friends think I'm horribly liberal.

I'm often struck by these contradictions. Democrats want to do away with the death penalty and nuclear weapons but insist on legalizing abortion, while Republicans believe abortion should be illegal but the death penalty and a large stockpile of missiles are a must. It seems like both parties value and de-value life all at the same time.