Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nap Time

Well, if this is true, every cat should be named Einstein.


My children have never been thrilled about taking naps, but one day they were putting up more of a fuss than usual.

In the middle of all the tantrums, a friend called.

"What's all the commotion over there?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing," I replied. "Just the siesta resistance."

[Joe's Clean Laffs]


WORDS for YOUR WEEK: "There is more refreshment and stimulation in a nap, even of the briefest, than in all the alcohol ever distilled." (Edward Lucas)


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SusanB said...

Heck, if that sleep research is true, then I should be an Einstein as well. :) (this also explains why, if I tell my husband something in the evening, he never seems to remember it later or the next day...) ;P He needs to nap!

Mark said...

What gets me is how far ahead of all this the Mexican culture has been. But I need to stop commenting. It's time for my siesta.