Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Groaners

President's Day, 2010.

Apparently I'm the only one who had the day off.

I'm okay with that.



My husband is always harping on us to stay within our budget, and complaining about our household costs, in general. This situation has only gotten worse since our twin boys were born. Everything is double: food, clothes, pediatrician bills, and lately he has even been griping about the amount of baby powder I've been buying. At least until I reminded him that ... talc is cheap.

Phil and Bill built a skating rink on a pond in the middle of their pasture. One day a shepherd leading his flock across the field decided to take a shortcut and led the sheep directly across their pond. The sheep, however, were afraid of the ice and wouldn't walk on it. The shepherd began desperately tugging on them to get them to cross the ice. "Would you look at that?" Phil says to Bill. "That guy is trying to pull the wool across our ice!"

Many mothers of toddlers have terribly difficult jobs. They work from son-up to son-down.

My doctor told me he'd have me on my feet within two weeks. He was right. I had to sell my car to pay his bill.

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WORD for YOUR WEEK: Did you ever hear of a company or any kind of organization having a "hierarchy"? Pronounce it "hire-arky." It was originally the church that gave us this word, made up of two Old Greek words: hieros and arkhes. The first means "sacred" and the second means "ruling." The word originally described the levels of decision-making in the early church. It now refers to the levels of decision-making or power in any type of organization.


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