Friday, February 05, 2010

More "It Made My Day"

Well, today is my wife's 25th anniversary at our local newspaper.

It's also her very last day there. Caught between brutal economic realities and a changing industry paradigm, she's being laid off.

But no need for the rest of you to indulge in our weepfest.



"I received a system-wide e-mail from one of our Information System Techs today. It read, 'Hello all, if you received an 'Out of Office' message from me, please disregard it with my apologies. It was a notice from last year that managed to wriggle out of the Exchange server and into your inboxes. It has been captured humanely and placed under sedation, and will be transported to an Old Email Farm where it will live out the remainder of its years in peace and tranquility.' Finding out IS Techs really do have a great sense of humor made my day!"

"My grandmother has been in the hospital for several days, and is no longer lucid, but earlier today she woke up to tell all of us that she loved us. It made my day."

"I work as a pastry chef in a restaurant. When the order slip comes up to tell me what to make there is a place on it for special requests or information. One of the notices said, 'To prevent mutiny.' It made my day."

"I don't like to dress up, and only own one skirt, which I hardly ever wear. I was wearing said skirt today, however, which caused my five-year old neighbor some confusion. He came to my door, and when I opened it, he stared at me for a good two minutes before asking, 'Are you getting married?' "

"My ten-year old little brother was acting very crazy one day and my mother asked him if they needed to put him on medication. With a perfectly straight face, he replied, 'There's no medication for being awesome!' It made my day."

"Today my niece fell and bumped her head. After, she came over to me and said, 'I think I might have a Caucasian.' It made my day!"

"It was the last day of school and I was stuck in my Science class. The teacher knew that everyone wanted to get out of there and no one would be paying attention, so he announces, 'Today we're going to watch a small astronomy film,' and he puts in the movie. A moment later in big yellow words we see, 'STAR WARS.' It made my day!"

"I was teaching the vocabulary word 'devour' to my first graders. Thinking of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster, I said, 'I'm thinking of someone on television who likes to devour lots of a certain type of food--' and before I could go on, one kid says, 'Oprah?' "

"A year-and-a-half ago my cat fell from seven stories up and suffered fairly severe brain damage. Today for the first time since the fall he started purring again. It may be the best sound I've ever heard. It made my day."

[selected from with edits for grammar and clarification by Mark Raymond; warning-not all entries there are family friendly]


Probably no "Saturday Novel" this weekend. I'm giving Michael Mitty a short break.

I'll see you on Monday.



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SusanB said...

Perchance Michael Mitty needs a short break with a therapist, hmmm? :) Or, at the very least, a nice long vacation somewhere very peaceful (and safe) and quiet. That guy's a loon!!
< =D (But a very lovable loon!)

Bonnie stays in my prayers... ya know. <3

Mark said...

Michael is not crazy ... he's the son - perhaps the grandson - of Walter Mitty.

Walter Mitty was a character created by humorist James Thurber in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." There's a Wiki about it here.

The entire short story can be found at

Once you check out those two sources, everything will begin to make more sense. Michael will be back with a Valentine's Day dinner date next weekend. Hopefully.