Monday, February 13, 2006

Wonder Drink or Just a Wallet Kink?

So my wife, who suffers from a host of nagging aches and pains ... abdominal pain from hernia scar tissue, an occasionally inflamed bursa sac in her bum, chronic tendinitis in her ankle, arthritis in her neck and shoulders ... has decided to try this new wonder drink that's popping up all over. Maybe you've heard of it: Xango®.

We're giving it a try - it's not the most inexpensive drink on the planet - on the advice of some good friends. So what's your story with this stuff? Good or bad, I'd like to know.

The picture is my wife, so you know why it's important to me that she feel good.

1 comment:

"I am Sucitraps" said...

There may be effects from YOUR SPOUSE using Xango. At $30.00 a pop, I already know of a couple. My blood pressure aside though, I believe you can get measurable effects from a bottle of so-so vino at 1/5 the cost.