Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Left-Handed Compliment

My wife is into photography a little bit. You know that.

She has not gone as far as this guy has, however. Alan Jaras has actually removed the lens from his camera and replaced it with a series of transparent and textured materials, and then shoots a beam of light through his makeshift lens directly onto 35mm film.

He then develops the film and digitally scans it. The photos at the link are all as they appear on the film itself. No computer enhancements have been added.




We were having some friends of ours over for dinner one evening. Prior to the meal, the wife was looking at some of the photographs I had framed and mounted on our walls.

"Did you take these photographs?" she asked.

"Why, yes, I did."

"They're marvelous," she gushed. "You must have a very good camera."

The following week my wife and I went to have dinner at their house. After the meal, I asked the hostess if she had cooked the meal herself.

"Why yes, I did," she replied.

"It was delicious," I said. "You must have very good pots and pans."

[source unknown; several websites have it posted]


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