Friday, October 09, 2009

It Made My Day

You may remember me telling you that several years ago I ran a couple posts on "Life's Little Joys." They were perhaps the most popular thing I'd ever done in this space.

Well, now I've stumbled across a website devoted to folks sharing life's little joys, though not all of them are family friendly. I've selected some of my favorites.



I found out that the horribly ugly "knockoff" purse I had won at a raffle was not a knockoff. It was the real thing and now I am selling it for $1,200. It made my day.

I asked my fourth-graders to draw something organic, which I explained was something that was once living. One of my kids drew a zombie. It made my day.

There's a bully at school who steals my lunch. My mum served him justice. She laced my lunch with laxatives and I let him steal it without a fight. It made my day.

My desk drawer wouldn't close so I pulled everything out. I found a paper I'd been looking for, ten dollars, and an unopened chocolate bar. It made my day.

Expecting to get the answer, "penguins," I asked my three-year-old cousin what kind of birds don't fly? She turned to me and quite earnestly said, "Dead ones." It made my day.

After someone's cell phone went off and disrupted my class, the professor lectured us for 20 minutes about how disruptive they are. She said the next person whose cell phone rang would be kicked out of class. Then her own phone rang. It made my day.

I was working at a special needs day camp and a kid was picking his nose. I told him to stop and he said, "I'm not picking my nose, I'm cleaning my finger." It made my day.

I could hear the bass line of the music from a block away and prepared myself for the inevitable blast of hip hop or rap as the "tricked out" convertible drove past. Turned out the driver was playing Mozart at maximum volume. It made my day.

Today I walked into my school bookstore looking for the wallet I had lost. They found it, then offered me a job and hired me. It made my day.

I was driving and singing the theme song from "Arthur" ridiculously loud with the windows rolled down. I stopped for a traffic light and another car pulled up next to me. They waited a second, and then started singing along with me. It made my day.

My wife bought me a hideously ugly watch for our anniversary because she didn't like the one I was wearing. She kept insisting I wear it and on the day I did, I got mugged. They took only the watch. It made my day.

My 13-year old niece convinced her parents to adopt two kittens instead of one by using a PowerPoint presentation. It made my day.

[selected from; mild editing by Mark Raymond]


I'll see you on Monday.



WEB SITE of the WEEK: So I was trolling the web, looking for a picture of an old-time handlebar mustache to go with my post from Tuesday, when I ran across the podcast site of The Mustache Rangers at It's a throwback to the old-fashioned science fiction radio serial shows. You can listen right from their website or download these short audio clips to a music player for listening later. They kind of remind me of a more droll version of Bob and Doug Mackenzie, the bumbling brothers of Second City TV's "Great White North" segments. One content warning: there are nearly 130 podcasts and I didn't listen to all of them, so I can't tell you there's no bad language, but in the three that I did listen to, there was nothing objectionable and I got the impression that bad language was something they were intentionally trying to stay away from.


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