Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Now and Future

My in-house newsletter at work was recently singing the praises of Tumblr, a kind of combination of a blog and a social networking site.

It's connected to Twitter, it can be customized nine ways from Sunday, and you can post to it via web page entry, Twitter update, e-mail ... heck, you can even pick up a phone and leave an "audio blog" on the site.

Looks to me like it's just another nail in the coffin of you getting outdoors and having a real life.



Now: Instant Message each other on our iPhones.
Future: ESP each other from our iBrains.

Now: Read most of your news online.
Future: Read wireless updates on your eyelid screen.
NOTE: Eyelidding while driving outlawed in 32 states.

Now: Playing World of Warcraft in your parent's basement.
Future: Playing World of Warcraft with your kids.

Now: Speculate on the health of Steve Jobs.
Future: Speculate on the health of Steve Jobs' clone.

Now: install a wireless router in your home.
Future: install a wireless router in your brain.

Now: watch TV shows on the Internet.
Future: watch the Internet on your TV.
NOTE: Already beginning to happen.

[Chris White's Top Five on the Internet w/additional material by Mark Raymond]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: Since we don't use typewriters anymore, shouldn't "typos" now be called "keyboardos"?


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