Monday, August 31, 2009

Filing Cabinet

So what's your personal filing system? The late Andy Warhol used boxes.

610 of them, actually. Each held an average of 400 items. Most of it was useless "ephemera," as his archivists call it, but one of the boxes held about $17,000 in cash. He used these boxes as a "time capsule" and you can read more about what was in them here.

Personally, I use a piling system.

One pile for things I won't do now. Another for things I won't do later, and a BIG pile for things I may never get done.


So I went to the dentist recently, and you know how those chairs go up and down? Mine went backward and forward.

I thought to myself, "This is new."

Then I heard my hygienist say, "Mr. Raymond, could you please climb out of the filing cabinet?"

[Clean Humor Digest]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: Remember a couple weeks back I talked about the difference between "loon" and "loony"? Well, list member Sharon K. did some research and while I talked about loony, she found out more about loons, as in the State Bird of Minnesota. She reports that because their feet are so far back on their body, they have difficulty walking on land and tend to stay away from it, except when nesting. The word "loon" probably derives from an old Scandinavian word - "lom" - which describes an awkward person. The walk of a loon is certainly awkward. Good job, Sharon!


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