Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Flight Bump

Maybe I can post something later this evening, but right now I have no time for a link this morning ... I'm throwing a few more clothes into a suitcase and then heading out to the airport.

Today and Sunday are travel days, and for the four in between I will be attending the National Postal Press Association Convention in my role as Flint Michigan Area Local Union Editor.

Most every postal convention is held in Las Vegas, because the hotels and restaurants are so darn reasonable. Because that's not how this town makes its money, y'know?

Out of my five evenings in town, only two are not spoken for, and one of them is tonight, when I'm expecting to be worn out from the getting there.

So there's not going to be too much of an opportunity for me to do anything I'd regret later.

Not that I would, anyway.


I was sitting in the Phoenix airport, waiting for my flight, when I heard an announcement that the flight to Las Vegas was oversold and the airline was looking for people to give up their seats. They were offering a one-night complimentary stay at a hotel on the Vegas strip and a first class seat on the next flight there.

About eight people dashed up to the counter and then, about thirty seconds later, turned away with grumpy frowns and sat back down.

Then I heard another announcement.

"If there is anyone OTHER than the flight crew who'd like to volunteer, please step forward."

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