Monday, August 17, 2009

Little Heart

Remember our "GKR of '08"? (Great Kitchen Remodel.) Well, I have finally posted "before and after" pictures at my website, in the photo gallery. While I was there I also updated all my "Web Site of the Week" picks so they're all gathered in one handy place for you.

And just so today's link is not all about me ... here's "six foods you must eat" to keep your heart healthy.


It was Jimmy's first day of kindergarten and the teacher was starting the class off by teaching her students about the Pledge of Allegiance. She instructed everyone to stand and place their hands over their hearts, and repeat after her.

Halfway through, however, she stopped as she noticed that Jimmy did not have his hand over his heart.

It was on the right cheek of his fanny.

"Jimmy," she scolds, "I will not continue until you put your hand over your heart."

"But it *is* over my heart," Jimmy protests.

Several futile attempts to persuade Jimmy to move his hand later, the teacher finally sighs and asks, "Why do you think that's where your heart is?"

"Because," Jimmy replies, "every time my Gramma comes to visit, she picks me up, pats me right here, and says, 'Bless your little heart,' and my Gramma wouldn't lie!"

[Jokes Central]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: So the family is at the Lugnuts game yesterday with a group from church, and the A-ball team from Lansing is playing the Great Lakes Loons (shut 'em out 4-0, too). Somewhere around the third inning, my son asks me about a loon and wonders if the bird is goofy enough that it inspired people to say someone acting crazy is "loony." The answer is no, the two words are unrelated, though I'm told the cry of a loon closely resembles the laughter of the stereotypical madman. "Loony," in the sense of being crazy or foolish, is a derivative of the word "lunatic." Lunatic, however, has a fascinating etymology. The Latin word for "moon" is "luna," and it was believed centuries ago that a person exposed to the light of a full moon would go temporarily insane, and was deemed to be a "lunatic." Even today when people act a little odder than normal, many of us wonder if there was a full moon out last night.


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