Monday, August 24, 2009

More Getting Older

ADMINISTRIVIA: So I've been working on my website a bit lately, and I'm ready to add the ubiquitous "FAQ" section (Frequently Asked Questions) you see on almost every other site. The only problem is I've been doing this so long, now, I can't think of anything a visitor or a new reader might ask.

Which is where you come in; especially if you're a relatively new reader of Mark's Musings. Please let me know what question(s) you might have - or did have - upon visiting my site or signing up for my ezine. Thank you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled post.


In today's ever-evolving world of technology and society-changing laws, government programs, and other ongoing issues, the seniors among us are one of the hardest hit. Which is why AARP developed "Create the Good" - a website and organization that networks people and communities in volunteer efforts to aid and assist those who need it.



I have crow's feet around my eyes, and I'll tell you what, that is one big crow!

Every time I suck in my gut, my ankles swell.

I don't like to do things now that I did easily 20 years ago ... like look in the mirror.

Sometimes I feel old enough to be my own father.

I've started getting air guitar elbow.

I've noticed that my age seems to correspond inversely with the size of my multivitamin.

My neighbors have been married for 60 years and now look like identical twins. One of them wears a dress. I can't tell which one.

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WORD for YOUR WEEK: "Anachronism." When you place a person or an object or an expression in the wrong historical period, you have created an anachronism. For example, I'm told that if you watch closely, you'll see a Rolex watch on Charlton Heston during the chariot race in Ben Hur, or Liam Neeson wearing a band-aid in one scene as Rob Roy. The word originally comes from Greek - "Ana" meaning "backward," and "khronos," meaning "time" ... an anachronism is something that literally is backward in time, or misplaced from its own time.


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