Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cubicle Maze

So how do you spend your time during the day? There is, apparently, such a creature as the "American Time Use Survey" and they've recently unveiled their study of how Americans spend their time - during each minute of the day - for the year 2008.

It's interesting to play around with the different metrics the graph is broken down into ... there I discovered that at the time I now get up in the morning, 95% of other people my age are still sleeping.

Like I needed a survey to tell me that.


My brother Jim was hired by a government agency and assigned to a small cubicle in a large office ... one of those "cube farms," as they are sometimes called.

At the end of his first day, he stood up to leave and realized he had no idea how to get out of his section. He began wandering around, lost in the maze of cubicle corridors and numbered doors.

Just as panic began to set in, he found another employee still at work in his cubicle. "How do you get out of here?" Jim asked.

The other fellow just smiled and said, "No cheese for you."

[with thanks to Reader's Digest]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: Why is it that when what I want to do becomes what I *have* to do, I don't want to do it anymore?


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