Sunday, October 19, 2008


Quick snapshot of the ol' life here on Sunday, October 19:

What I'm reading: "Jhegaala" by Stephen Brust. It's part of his Vlad Taltos series and the man can write a cracking good narrative, if you enjoy alternate worlds and bad theology (I do the former and tolerate the latter). Oddly enough, I honestly can't recommend his other works so much, outside of The Phoenix Guards series.

What I'm hearing: I've been listening to Bethany Dillon quite a bit lately, but I've also been listening to the varied and sundry selections of songs my band performs by other artists, which is quite an eclectic mix in and of itself. Ms. Dillon seems to be a fine songwriter, but I admit I'm having some trouble "finding the groove" in many of her tunes.

What I'm watching: Well, the fall TV season is here, so all of my favorite returning series are back into full swing. I generally record and watch Chuck, Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Stargate Atlantis, and Pushing Daisies. Of the new shows, the only one I've gotten hooked on is Fringe. I gave "Sanctuary" a try for a couple of episodes but it's not grabbing me, for some reason.

What I've paid money to see: Most recently we saw "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" because we went with our daughter and that was what she wanted to see. We went to a matinee, but honestly, we were the only people over the age of 20 in the theater. Truly. I think it was embarrassing for Amanda to have to sit with us. As to the movie's merits, let's stick with the "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything" philosophy.

What I'm celebrating: The end of my bronchitis, though it still sits fairly heavily on my chest and I'm still hacking up phlegm by the hour. Still, I'm heading back to work tomorrow and that's got to count for something.

What I'm praying about: Mostly for my son to find meaningful employment. And my best friend. Both are without work and need it.

What I'm trying to get done: Somehow reprioritize how I spend my evenings so I can get more important work accomplished and less frittering away of the evening. If it takes me an extra day or few to get back with your email, that would be why. You got caught in my reprioritizing stuff. Not that you're not important to me, but I am trying to put a higher priority on sleep these days so often I'm going to bed earlier rather than stay up and do email.

What I was foolish about: Never, ever try to trim your beard when you have a tendency to burst into uncontrollable coughing fits. Now I am beardless, and that means I look EXACTLY like my father, which means it psychologically scares my wife to climb into the same bed with me. The beard is growing back even as you read this.

The smartest thing I've done lately: Take a few days off work and sleep through most of them. And make myself not feel guilty about not getting anything done while I was sick.

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