Monday, October 06, 2008

Cheap Airline

And you thought *your* airline was in bad shape.

Passengers on Shandong Airlines Flight CRJ7 flew from Guilin, China to Zhengzhou, about 500 miles north. Shortly after landing mechanical problems led to the plane stalling on the tarmac.

And then the tow truck that was sent to get the plane broke down.

So then airport workers came out to physically push the plane toward the gate. But they couldn't budge the 20-ton aircraft. So they asked the passengers to get out and help them push.

Now I've had some poor service and been bumped from my flight, and the plane has run out of peanuts, and I've even had to carry my own luggage at times, but folks, I've never had to get out and push the airplane.



In mid-flight, they hit you with an additional $200 "landing fee."

It's Day 4 of your vacation ... and you're still on the tarmac.

The aircraft has a Hyundai hood ornament.

When you arrive, Hawaii looks suspiciously like Detroit.

Your inflatable vest has been replaced by a smaller inflatable bow tie.

Plane can't take off until you lose 20 pounds.

In flight entertainment? Watching two guys wrestle for an armrest.

The flight attendants are wearing the clothes you packed.

During the pilot's pre-flight checklist, you hear them say, "Close enough."

[David Letterman's Top Ten List with family-friendly edits by Mark Raymond]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: Returning to Latin, "tricae" was the word for impediments, or perplexities. Add the modifier "ex" and you have something that gets out of impediments or perplexities. We know it as the word "extricate," which is to get out of a complex situation. As in, "By declaring bankruptcy, John extricated himself from a web of financial difficulties."


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