Monday, October 20, 2008

English Class

Well, first of all, thank you to everyone who wrote and wished me well, sent an e-card, or shipped me some other item of cheer. It was all *very* much appreciated. I'm back on my feet, returning to work today, and only occasionally hacking up chunks of my internal organs.

Now, while I was ill, perhaps I should say iller, I slept about 15 hours every day. That goes directly against one of the secrets to my success, which is "sleep is optional," but now I'm inclined to think that maybe it's not.


An English professor was reading "Canterbury Tales" to his class one day, when he noticed that one of the students had drifted off to sleep.

Without hesitation, the professor launched the book spinning through the air until it conked the sleeping student on the shoulder. He quickly awoke with a start, saying "What was that?"

"That, my friend," replied the professor with a smirk, "was a flying Chaucer."

[Joe's Clean Laffs]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: Returning to Latin, the word "ob" meant "over" and "levis" meant "smooth." Put together as "oblivisci" it meant to forget something, or to "smooth over" the fact(s) in your mind. We use it as the word "oblivious," which literally means to have become unaware of something but in general use is accepted to mean someone who is simply unaware of what is going on or what could happen.


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