Friday, May 30, 2008

More Heart Thoughts

Okay, then.

Well, sorry Mike B., but apparently you weren't exactly the *first* to discover those little tabs on the ends of the wrap boxes; my mail tells me that LOTS of people, indeed, knew about them. So my question is, how come none of you told me?? So there, Mike, we'll let you keep your "first." You were the first one who said anything to me about it. How's that?

Annnnnnnyway, list member Judy S. offers a helpful hint: keep your plastic wrap in the refrigerator and it won't stick to itself while you're trying to roll it out and cover your dish of leftovers.



There are only two kinds of secret: one is not worth keeping and the other is too good to keep.

Enjoy when you can. Endure when you must.

There is no way to make people like change. You can only help them feel less threatened by it.

Try to approach every problem with an open mind, not an open mouth.

Failure is merely the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after everyone else has let go.

The only thing worse than a hard heart is a soft head.

Tomorrow is the most hopeful thing in the world. It comes to us at midnight fresh and new and clean, with high hopes that we have learned something from yesterday.

Never judge a book by its cover or a person by his or her epitaph.

The error of youth is believing intelligence will substitute for experience. The folly of old age is believing experience is a good substitute for intelligence.

Humor is only tragedy, standing on its head with its pants torn.

[with thanks to Menard's and list member Cliff R.; heavy lifting in the editorial department by yours truly]


By the time most of you read this, I will have been on one of our local radio stations, talking about my band's big weekend. Saturday we play at a "Relay for Life" event in Imlay City, and Sunday we are the "warm-up" band for national Christian recording artist Mark Schultz. And somewhere in there my daughter marches in a parade for our local city's annual "Home Town Days" event. Carnival rides for everybody, and I'll see you on Monday.



WEB SITE of the WEEK: Since I'm a diabetic with a heart condition, chronic sinusitis, arthritis, and a hiatal hernia (man, getting old reeks), I take quite a few prescription drugs, as well as a good handful of vitamins. Well, at there's not only a bit of health and pharmaceutical news daily, there's also a handy "Check Interactions" feature where you can enter your list of drugs and see if they play well together or, more importantly, don't.


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