Friday, May 23, 2008

Bad Prom Date

If only your daughter was this thrifty, eh?

Vanessa Randall, who lives in Wayne, Maine (and hey, that's just fun to say), started to make her prom dress three years ago. But not from duct tape, as so many others have done, oh, no, that's passé. Vanessa used gum wrappers. Seriously.

Okay, okay, the wrappers were sewn onto a layer of duct tape, so once again that ubiquitous material surfaces, but it was still a pretty nifty idea. There's a picture of Vanessa just to the right, there. I wonder if she needed deodorant? Wouldn't she already smell all minty fresh and wintergreeny?



10. You have to leave early because his Dad needs the ice cream truck back.

9. She stuffed Kleenex® into her bra but didn't take them out of the box first.

8. Tinting the windows of the family station wagon does *not* make it a limo.

7. Her dress was strapless. She wore the corsage, anyway. Pinned to her skin.

6. You hear him boast, "My grandfather was buried in this tux."

5. Your Mom says you look like a fairy tale couple. Your friends say it's "Beauty and the Beast."

4. His boutonnière is a sprig of parsley from the baked potato he had at the restaurant.

3. When the chaperones aren't looking, he spikes the punch ... with more punch.

2. You hear the principal ask your date, "Mary, didn't you graduate more than thirty years ago?"


1. Three words: Darth Maul makeup.

[with thanks to David Letterman's staff and their Top Ten List; family-friendly edits and additional material by Mark Raymond]


For most of us in the States, this is a three-day weekend and the unofficial start of summer. Gosh, it's been so cool and cloudy this May, that'll be a relief! Hey, I'll see you on Monday.



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