Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Imported Cookies

When it comes to cookies, my favorite are the chocolate chip ones my wife bakes, with her special "secret ingredient" that keeps them soft and chewy well beyond the norm. Next up would be the "no bakes" my friend Larry makes and sells at his deli. But ranking a very close third would be the "Double-Stuf" Oreo® cookie, made by Nabisco. (Which, for you trivia people, stands for National Biscuit Company.)

Well, if only I had been on Interstate 80 in the wee hours of Monday morning ... I could have eaten those delicious cookies to my heart's content. A truck carrying 14 tons - 14 tons! - slipped into the median when the driver fell asleep, overturning, and spilled them across both sections of the highway. That's about 28,000 pounds of cookie goodness. No injuries were mentioned in the news account, so we'll assume the driver is okay. If only a milk truck had been nearby....

Ah well, that's the way the cookies crumbles, I guess. (Weak ending, I know. Tell me what *you* would have said....)


Since I'm stationed at a base in Korea, my family must stay in the States, but they continually send "care" packages through the mail. On each package they have to apply a customs form listing the contents inside and their value.

On one such box from home, the words "homemade chocolate chip cookies" were listed. Next to those words, in the value column, my wife had written, "Priceless."

[America in Uniform, thanks to Ed Peacher's Raucous Laughter]


WORDS for YOUR WEEK: "There is no love sincerer than the love of food." (George Bernard Shaw)


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