Thursday, March 09, 2006

Spouse Stories

So tell me how you met your better half. You have to register to leave a comment, but it's free and a one-time deal. I appreciate the efforts you make on my behalf.

I first met Bonnie at a local Wendy's fast food restaurant I was managing. (Long story.) She had long, long red hair and a blue windbreaker on with a little button that said - in a mimicked Coca-Cola script - "Things Go Better With Christ." She also had a smile that you could plug into an outlet and light up a stadium.

I was smitten. Turning on all my playboy charm, I smoothly said, "I like your button." Then I fetched her drinks and her burger. We didn't see each other again until we both attended the same small Christian fellowship group at a ministry I was working with. One of our friends was getting married soon, so I asked her to go the wedding with me. She agreed and the rest, as they say, is history.

What's your spousal story?

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Rich said...

July 4, 1992 at Cynthia Bieberstein's house. I said, "Hi, I'm Rich."
She said, "Cool! What's your name?"
There were fireworks.