Wednesday, March 01, 2006


So what are you doing for Lent?

Some people give up things, like coffee or chocolate, for Lent. One year our family gave up ice cream - we were hooked on Dove Bars - and used the money we would have spent on them in our church fundraiser against world hunger.

I usually look at Lent as a personal time in the spiritual wilderness ... 40 days to prepare my soul and spirit for the renewing celebration of Easter. Not so much a time to give things up as to rededicate myself to doing something for the Kingdom.

So what are you doing for Lent?

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Anonymous said...

Lent: What am i giving up? i was going to give up bugging my boss but seeing as they "fired me" on March 15th I don't have to give that up anymore. I thought I was doing really good until I stepped on his toes and I went to talk to the President and CEO of the place where I work. The boss got called in and well the rest is history. My (former) boss gave me the ax. I looked at him the day before I was let go and asked him if something was up and when he wouldn't give me a straight "yes" or "no" answer I got that "pit in my tummy" like I just knew something was going to happen and I was going to be the lucky one. And boy was I right, the next day, they gave me my walking papers. So here I sit telling all of you my story. I'm not sighning my name to protect my place of employment.