Monday, September 27, 2010

Tastes Like....

My wife recently bought a few apples. They were one of the newer blends: Honey Crisp. They're delicious.

The Old Farmer's Almanac has a quick apple poll, with links to several apple-related items, tips, and recipes.


One outraged college student stomped up to the lunch line at the cafeteria, holding a plate with a piece of pie on it.

"This is disgusting!" he exclaimed. "What kind of pie do you call this?!"

The lunch lady calmly put down her ladle, looked him in the eye and snarled, "And just what does it taste like?"

"It tastes like cardboard and rubber cement!" the student cried.

Lunch Lady thinks a moment, then replies, "That must be the apple. The cherry pie tastes like stale crackers and soap."

[; retold by Mark Raymond]


WELCOME to YOUR WEEK: It's your last week to celebrate Library Card Sign-Up Month or National Mushroom Month. It's Remember to Register to Vote Week. It's also National Keep Kids Creative Week. Today is Ancestor Appreciation Day (I should go get some fish and chips). Wednesday is National Women's Health and Fitness Day. And Friday is ... umm, October. Or 82 days until Winter day.


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