Monday, September 06, 2010

Amateur Advice

Labor Day, 2010.

As Hallmark's Maxine says, "I love Labor Day! What other day do you get to celebrate work without actually doing any?"

Speaking of work, my Facebook friend - and wife of my father's pastor, Erin Bartels - has begun a new blog for her sundry creative projects called The Consummate Amateur. It helps that she's an excellent writer, as well.


So it happened that a patient was making his first visit to the doctor.

"And whom," began the physician with a haughty air, "did you consult about your illness before you came to me?"

"Only my local pharmacist," replied the patient.

The physician was not impressed and could not conceal his contempt for the medical opinions of amateurs. He said, "And what sort of ridiculous advice did that fool give you?"

"He told me," replied the patient innocently, "to come and see you."

[Pastor Tim's Cybersalt Digest]


WELCOME to YOUR WEEK: September! It's Apple Month (so go visit an orchard or pick up that iPad), Children's Good Manners Month, National Chicken Month, and it's Healthy Aging Month. It's National Waffle Week and, of course, today is Labor Day. One of ten officially recognized government holidays.


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