Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Car Show

My daughter returns to school today. She is officially a junior in high school.

I think I just felt an artery harden.

We spent our last weekend of non-school summer taking family day trips with Amanda and a pair of her good friends. While the canoe trip was longer than we thought it would be, I stayed mostly dry, which is a "win" in my book. Canoeing is not something I'll be taking up as a hobby.

But if you want to take up a new hobby, check out these tips before you jump in.


Every now and again one of our local restaurants will sponsor a classic car show, and auto enthusiasts from all over the region will roll up in their vintage vehicles.

Once, while strolling through the lot, admiring the trip down memory lane, I overheard two owners talking.

One explained that he had some friends who put together a car using wheels from a Cadillac, the engine from a Ford, the chassis of a Chevy, and the body of an old Plymouth.

"Wow," the other guy exclaimed. "What did they call it?"

The first guy laughs and replies, "Grand Theft Auto. They got two years!"

[adapted from Clean Hewmor by Mark Raymond]


WORDS for YOUR WEEK: "I have only one real hobby -- my husband." (Florence Harding)


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