Thursday, September 18, 2008

Protective Parenting

So, awhile back, I finally broke down and opened a Facebook account. I'd managed to completely stay away from MySpace, but Facebook sucked me in. Honestly, I hardly ever go there or update my profile - which kind of defeats the purpose of participating in a social networking site - but there's just too many other irons in too many other fires to give it as much time as I might like.

I say all this as prelude to telling you about a new social networking site: It's called "TotSpot" and it's for babies and toddlers.

That's right, babies and toddlers. This is what the world is coming to.

Granted, the pages are password-protected so the only "social network" you connect to is the one you create by giving out the login info to family and friends, but the site's creators say they were inspired by Facebook.



Instead of seat belts, your minivan has seat straight jackets.

To guard against choking, you're still serving pureed baby food. To your teenagers.

You make fun of the mom on "Everybody Loves Raymond" because she's too lax.

All family pets are de-clawed, neutered, and fitted with rubber dentures.

You make your kids wear protective head gear. Over their bicycle helmets. For a walk down the street.

You've injected GPS tracking chips under the skin behind each of your kid's ears.

You've sewn a protective layer of bubble wrap into all of their clothes.

[from Chris White's Top Five on Parenting]


WISDOM for YOUR WEEK: "Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children." (Ephesians 5:1)


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