Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cafeteria Fun

In the sci-fi fantasy movie Jurassic Park, scientists drilled into the body of a mosquito preserved in amber for eons, and created dinosaurs from the DNA they found in its blood.

But in the real world, we're apparently a little more into what might market well. California scientist Raul Cano drilled into ancient amber, removed over 2,000 types of bacteria, made yeast from them, then promptly brewed his own beer and started up the "Fossil Fuels Brewing Company."

And you thought I was kidding.



Have a "Name That Semi-Digestible Pig Part" contest.

Sculpt a replica of your gym teacher out of mashed potatoes.

Eat blindfolded.

Start a pool on how many days in a row today's leftovers can be recycled into something else tomorrow.

Medication. Lots of heavy medication.

Bake one hot lunch each day with a "Get Out of School/Work Free" card in it.

Have Ty Pennington give it an Extreme Makeover.

Save it for your next chemistry class experiment.

Give placards to a few friends and rate the cafeteria ladies on hairnet styles and decorations.

Solve the mystery meat.

[Chris White's Top Five on Food with additional material by Mark Raymond]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: Why do they say something is "80 proof"? How much proof do you need to know that it's liquor?


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