Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Talk

Welcome to the first day of Autumn. Some of the leaves on a few trees have already started changing here in Michigan.

Meanwhile, in the "Absolutely-Nothing-Is-Good-For-You" Dep't, a new study says that taking prenatal vitamins to protect your child from birth defects may cause him or her to have asthma later in life.

Gracious, what's a mother to do?


One fine afternoon I was out with my baby in his stroller, just enjoying the scenery. I would chat to him as we walked, pointing out this tree and that bird, and marveling at all the wonderful colors.

Up ahead, a man walking his dog approached and I leaned over into the baby's carriage, excitement filling my voice, saying, "See the doggie? See the doggie?"

For a moment, I suddenly felt foolish for talking to my baby as if he could understand me.

But that was the moment the man with the dog leaned down, patted the dog's side, and said, "See the baby? See the baby?"

[first seen in Clean Humor Digest]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: Our old friend Latin gave us the word "unda," which meant "wave." "Undula" meant a little wave. We now use it as the word "undulate," which is something that waves back and forth, or vibrates. As in, "The palm trees were undulating wildly in the hurricane-strength winds."


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