Monday, August 04, 2008

Small Phone

I remember a time my father took some old telephone wiring and carefully twisted it into several small sculptures. Well, now French artist Jean-Luc Cornec has done the same thing for the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt, Germany ... on a slightly larger scale.

The sculpture as a whole is called "Installation TribuT" and the "sheep" are actually wired so that instead of bleating, the phones ring in a random fashion.

Of course, now we have cell phones. And the Xun Chi 138 is reputed to be the world's smallest cell phone, measuring just a bit longer than a AA-size battery, yet it is full-featured and even comes with a camera! It is, however, only available in non-North American countries.



It's particularly popular among people trying to smuggle them into "no cell phone" zones.

"IBT" functionality. (Itty-Bitty Technology)

It takes AAAAAA batteries.

You can't get in trouble for talking on a cell phone if no one can see it.

It's perfect for small talk.

[Chris White's Top Five on the Internet; edited by Mark Raymond]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: Do you own a cashmere sweater? The word is an English-ized version of the Indian word "Kashmiri," which is the name of a valley in India - as well as the name of the language they speak. There is a particular type of goat that makes its home there, and under the outer coat of the goat is an ultra-fine wool from which they weave the cashmere sweater. In English, the place and the language we spell with the K, while the goat and its wool we start with the letter C.


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