Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flip Flop Posts

Today we are in Prince Rupert, but by Eastern Time Zone standards, we are in port from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. By the time we get back on the boat, it will be too late to post about our day in Canada.

So instead, today I'll just post a few miscellaneous things, which is what I was going to do tomorrow. Tomorrow all we do is sail the Pacific back to Seattle. I'll use that day to report on our time in Prince Rupert. Let's call it flip flop posting.

Bonnie and I purchased the "romance package" when we boarded the ship. This gave us a few extra amenities: A romantic dinner in a French bistro, a complimentary bottle of wine (which they charged us for and we had to wrangle it off our bill), two 25-minute massages which Bonnie combined into one hour long whole body massage (she does love her massages), canap├ęs one evening, and tomorrow while we're at sea a champagne and cake party with a complimentary photograph of the "happy couple." We are pictured above with Dawes Glacier in the background. (It's the blue ice at the water line behind us. The dark brown line is where two ice floes mashed themselves together.)

While we were at "Le Bistro," our meal was capped with a complimentary cake that said "Happy Anniversary" and delivered to our table by half a dozen waitstaff singing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart," which was a real treat, especially sung in English with a thick Filipino accent.

As I write this on Thursday afternoon, it's "Employee Talent Day" here onboard and I'm listening to a jazz band - very passable, indeed - composed of Norwegian Cruise Line employees. Later tonight there's a special performancing showcasing more of their talents in the Las Vegas style theater on Deck Seven, Forward. (Not that you need to know where it is, I just like sounding mildly nautical. Port. Starboard. Forward. Aft. See?)

By the time we disembark back in Seattle, we and our fellow passengers will have consumed, according to a Norwegian Cruise Lines fact sheet, about:

15,000 pounds of beef
9,800 pounds of seafood
11,000 pounds of chicken
1,200 pounds of coffee
28,000 pounds of vegetables
30,000 pounds of fresh fruit
60,000 eggs

There are days when we feel like we've eaten this much ourselves.

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