Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Balloon Price

The finance people at say there are nine things you should never buy new.

Timeshares - the link above has another link where you can browse resale properties.
Pets - Smart Money Magazine says you can save nearly 80% by getting your dog or cat from an animal shelter.
Software and Video Games - You can get them for half off if you wait awhile after their release, plus you'll hear about the bugs.
Office Furniture - So many companies go belly up within one year of opening, there's tons of it around. Check Craig's List.
Sports Equipment - Look for a "Play It Again" sports shop in your area.
CDs, DVDs, and Books - eBay,, Amazon ... no need to pay retail ever again.
Cars - The instant you drive that new vehicle off the dealer's lot, you've lost at least 12 percent of its value.
Toys - Think garage sale. You can find toys at a fraction of their price.
Jewelry - Retailers mark gems and fine jewelry up 100% or more. Look for a reputable pawn shop, instead.


Watching us fill balloons up with helium at our gift shop, one of our customers asked about the price.

"It's a quarter per balloon," one of my co-workers said.

The customer sighed. "It used to be ten cents," he complained.

Another customer listening in on the conversation observed, "Well, that's inflation."

[my thanks to Reader's Digest]


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