Friday, August 29, 2008

More Heart Thoughts

A couple of years ago (I can look up the exact date, if anyone needs it), I predicted that one of the next slices of technology to become obsolete would be wristwatches, as cell phones become ubiquitous and take their place.

Looks like the people who sell them agree with me.

What do I think is the next thing to go? Well, eMail is already nearly obsolete with the younger generation, who prefer text and instant messaging with their friends, but I'll put my money on television. The conversion to a digital signal will keep the industry alive for another decade or so, but I see more and more a blending of broadcast television and Internet video. You can already hook your PC up to your television and plug a TV-ready card into your PC to put broadcast signals right onto your monitor.

If the powers that be can shore up the Web's infrastructure to handle the increased bandwidth and storage load, before long instead of wondering what's on the tube each night, you'll be saying, "What's on the Web tonight?"



Your whole life has the same shape as a single day.

All things are difficult before they become easy.

When in doubt about what gift to give, make it money. It's the easiest to exchange.

All people are skilled at making one thing or another. Though for some, it's making excuses.

Whoever gossips around you will gossip of you when you're not around.

The first time some people do any deep thinking is when they find themselves in a hole.

If you can't be thankful for what you have, be thankful for what you haven't.

It takes a lot of courage to admit you're afraid.

Crime doesn't pay. When it does, we call it by something more respectable.

Some people can see trouble so far ahead there is always some in sight.

Life is often like buying a suit with two pair of pants ... and then burning a hole in the coat.

You can make yourself miserable or you can make yourself strong; the amount of work is the same.

[with thanks to Menards and list member Cliff R. for collecting them for me]


If all has gone according to schedule, as you read this we should be sailing back to Seattle upon the open sea. Our ship docks early Saturday morning, and we spend the rest of the day traveling back home ... rested, refreshed, our spirits renewed by having enlarged our souls with sights rare and wonderful, and our love rekindled by a week of intimate fellowship.

May your way be as pleasant, and I'll see you on Monday.



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