Saturday, July 21, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Yes, that's me, looking slovenly and unkempt. Hey, I'm on vacation. I may be underdressed, but I make up for it by being overeducated.

Anyway, on our long journey east, my laptop keyboard decided to stop working three days into the trip, which makes it  extremely difficult to blog anything. I am currently using my tablet, but it doesnt have the functionality or utility of my laptop, so posts will be limited by the availability of hotel computers. Sorry, everyone.

After my last post....
We wound up spending the night in Rutland, Vermont. While there, we browsed the Norman Rockwell Museum. Wow, was that guy prolific. And good. Eventually I will have some pictures up over on my Facebook fan page, but not until I get to an actual computer instead of a glorified smartphone.

From there we made our way over to Concord, New Hampshire, stopping at the home of Crowley Cheese aong the way. It's really good cheese made in an old farmhouse that looks like it's about to fall down. Maybe that's part of the charm.

The major paved arteries through Vermont and New Hampshire are vertical - they run north to south. So when you want to cross these states horizontally, you have to take winding, twisting and often narrow state highways through the mountainous terrain.

The benefit of doing that, however, is that around a very many corners you are surprised by joy. Vistas of green scenery with layers and levels of mountains, trees, and greens so deep they make you want to take your shoes off and run barefoot through them open up. Roll over a hilltop and here's a house on your left or right with manicured and landscaped lawns that look like they belong on the cover on a magazine. It's absolutely gorgeous out here.

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